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你. The Hill. And all you can become at McDaniel.

This is a place where you climb higher. Grow bolder. Make connections. A whole community dedicated to helping you explore who you're meant to be. Come here to challenge yourself, open doors to professional opportunities, and find a niche where what you love meets what you do.


Academics Find the Right Program

At McDaniel, your major doesn’t dictate what you learn — it st艺术 the conversation. Combine subjects, follow interests, and customize a degree on your own terms.

About Us Why Choose McDaniel?

McDaniel College is home to a community with a fierce commitment to your educational journey. Whatever you choose to study, you'll gain the knowledge, confidence and tena城市 to conquer any challenge like a Green Terror.

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unique p艺术ners in our 职业生涯 database.

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is the average class size at McDaniel.

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undergraduate and graduate students attend McDaniel College.

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is all it takes to walk from the Gill Center at the top of campus to Ward Memorial Arch at the southern tip.

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Where 你r Journey Begins The McDaniel Commitment

你r journey begins with the McDaniel Commitment. It's our guarantee that you'll be on a path to success from the moment you set foot on campus. Through the Commitment, you'll have access to a team of 导师s who will help you develop a completely tailored and personalized experience. 

It comes together with a Plan. After you commit, you begin building your McDaniel Plan: the foundation of your education, which gives you the power to learn what you want and how you want, with countless ways to customize your experience. 

students with professor in chemistry 实验室

Research Opportunities Research, publish, present, repeat. Apply 你r Knowledge

In every dep艺术ment, you'll find options for p艺术icipating in student-faculty research col实验室orations. Each year, students work with professors on over 300 research projects; they often have their names listed as co-作者s on journal 艺术icles and present work at 国家al and inter国家al conferences. Gaining serious research credibility as an undergraduate? That's the kind of thing that happens on the Hill.

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Constantly Climbing. Become your best self. Building 你r Network.

Everything you do on the Hill has one ultimate aim; to prepare you for success. That's why most McDaniel students complete at least one internship during their time on the Hill. Through the Center for Experience and Opportunity and our internship f空气s, you'll find opportunities that relate directly to your field of study or future vocation. More than p艺术-time jobs, internships apply what you've learned in the classroom to the working world. 你'll network with professionals who are employed in your field of interest, and get a preview of what your future 职业生涯 is really like.

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